Thank you for using Timothy Avery Photography!


I hope you enjoyed your photo session.  The steps below describe the process to select which proof(s) you would like to have retouched.


Find your Proofs

After your session you should receive a link and (usually) a password to access and view your private gallery.

Create a Login of Your Own

Please take a moment to create your own personal login account by finding the "Login" button at the top menu bar of your gallery page.  Follow the instructions on that page to register (provide an email and your own password, etc).  After you have done this you will be able to select your favorites and the web site will remember them for you.

Start With a First Pass

If you have a lot of proofs to choose from I recommend that you make a first pass through all the proofs and "favorite" or "like" any and all the images that you do like (by clicking on the heart icon).  Usually this is too many but that's ok!  This is just the first pass.

View and Manage Your Selections 

Next you can review all of your favorites by going to "Favorites | My Selections" found on the very top left hand corner of the website. Looking at "My Selection" you can then reduce the number of favorites by eliminating the weaker choices. 

If you want to keep all the selections in your first pass you can duplicate it by going to My Selection in the top left corner, hover of the name and look for Save As to give the copy a different name.  Or you have the option to create separate lists of favorites by choosing "Add New Set" and create a name for this new set.  Then you can switch from set to the other by clicking "Switch to" the new name.


Share Your Selection with Me

After you have finished making your selection(s) you can share a set with me.  To do this, open the set you want to share.  Look for "Share Favorites"  on the very top right hand corner.  with me by clicking on the button in the top right hand corner (not visible until you actually have selected some favorites.)  After you have "Shared to Photographer" I will get an email notice and I will be able to in and access your choices.