I am very excited about launching my third and largest studio ever here in Manchester.  With the additional space (1,700 square feet) in my new studio I am happy to be able to be able to offer workshops to focus on specific areas to help you up your game.  I am a bit of a nerd who loves teaching.  Many of you are far more creative than I am.  Sometimes a little extra technical understanding will enable to more effectively pull off that wonderful concept you have in your mind's eye.  Maybe you have an idea for a workshop?  Let's hear it!  Please drop me a note on the Contact page and let me know!


Introducing "Level Up Workshops"  

Small groups – 4-6 max  (with limited enrollment and plenty of space we can respect that distancing thing).

A workshop is a couple hours in one evening  

Principles and practice – All workshops include a discussion of information followed by "lab experiments" that will demonstrate the principles discussed.  

Level 101 - "Auto is for sissies"    

How to get the full potential out of your digital camera  

Understanding why and where Auto mode (exposure and focus) doesn't cut it  

Get out of Auto and take control of your camera using manual settings  

Understanding the different impacts that ISO, shutter speed and aperture settings have on your image  

Learn what a "stop" is and how it relates to exposure  


Level 201 - "Light it up!"  

Using Flash / Studio Lights  

How shutter speed, aperture and ISO influence the end result    

About that high speed sync thing  

Learn how to balance ambient (available) light with flash to avoid that washed out look  

Take it off!   Discover the world of Off Camera Flash (OCF) and how that creates dramatic lighting  


Level 301 - "All About that Light"  

How light behaves and how that impacts my shot – (Using distance and light fall off)  

How different light modifers influence the light  (hard light and softlight)  

Understanding f/stops and light ratios for pleasing balance between light and shadows

Learn about white balance also called light temperature ("Why do my people look blue?") 


Level 401 - "That glass on your camera!"  

Focused on your lenses (kit lenses, primes and zooms)  

Understanding how focal length influences compression of images, composition and perspective  

Mastering Bokeh (that beautiful blur in the background)  

Canon users will have the opportunity to try a wide range of lens from 16mm to 600mm, f/1.2 to f/32  


Level 501 - "Putting it all together"  

This workshop will be more hands rather than introducing new principles

Several different studio portrait configurations will be set up and available for you to practice different techniques

You will have freedom to experiment with ideas of your own

Workshop facilitator will be available to assist and answer questions 

Level Up Workshops will be held on workshop Wednesday evenings unless otherwise arranged.  Specific levels will be offered on a rotating a schedule.  Minimum 4 participants.  Maximum of 6 participants.  

Introductory prices (Until Christmas)

$50.00 one workshop

$200.00 Bundle of all five workshops

High school students discounted 25%

Use the "Contact" page (top menu) for more information and to arrange purchase (Venmo or Paypal)!  Or enroll in a workshop using credit card with the big blue "Book a Session" button on the "Home" page (top menu) of this website.