Thank you for considering Timothy Avery Photography for your portrait needs.


There are many elements that go into a great image.  Lighting, composition, posing, expression, and setting are just a few.  Some elements are very controlled and others are very serendipitous.  For that reason, we will take MANY images during your session in search of that perfect image.  After the session you will have the opportunity to review those images which we call "proofs."  Occasionally I get the request to own all the proofs.  There are a few reasons why this request is normally declined. 

1)  Quality trumps quantity:  The purpose of a proof is to find the best image.  More is not always better.   We are looking for "best" image not lots of images.

2)  Too many of the same image is redundant and boring.  Nobody (besides you) wants to see the same basic image over and over again.  "Less is more."  Leave them wanting more rather than boring them to tears with too many.

3)  Proofs are not retouched.  It is very unusual that a proof cannot be significantly improved with retouching after the image has been captured.

One of the greatest photographers of all time (Anselm Adams) considered the proof (straight out of the camera) to be an incomplete image.  He was known to say, "The negative (proof) is the score, and the print is the performance."  While digital photography and retouching were still being developed during the last years of his life, the same principle is very relevant.



You will have to admit, my prices really are pretty low.  (Please ask for a quote if you have not already!)  You can find better photographers out there but their prices will be much higher than mine.  Conversely, you can find cheaper photographers out there but the quality of their work will be much lower than mine.  Go ahead, look for yourself and see if that isn't true!  I do work hard to keep my prices low.  

On that note, it is hard to see my clients take my work elsewhere to have it printed by some corporate box store or online.  Why should they profit from my work?  Unless you make special arrangements before hiring me to work for me, you do NOT have permission to have my photos printed by some other vendor.  

Prints may be ordered in virtually any size, format or media (paper, canvas, metal prints, mugs, cards, albums, etc.) directly from your web gallery after the session has been completed.

A few policies 


Unretouched proofs are not intended for printing.  You didn't hire me for incomplete work like that.  Any image that is printed must be retouched first.

Prints of any of my images are available in virtually any size or media format.  If you don't see it, please ask.

I do have a professional grade photo printer capable of printing sizes up to up to 13" by 19".   Arangements may be made for me to print them for you, if you have a reason for requiring a rush print job.