Thank you for using the services of Timothy Avery Photography 


If you would like to order prints or additional digital downloads, please follow the steps below. 


1)  First create yourself a Login. 

Look for Login at the top right of the menu bar.   (See red circle below).



 If you have not already done so, you will need to register a login using your own email. (See blue circle below.) 

If you have created a login with your email, please use that login. (See red circle below.) If you have forgotten the password, you chose when you created your login you will have to reset that. (See yellow circle below.)   Your photographer does not have any record of what password you may have chosen previously.  He can only provide a password to access specific private galleries.  That is different from your personal login.


2023-07-07 21_19_25-Timothy Avery Photography _ Login or Register2023-07-07 21_19_25-Timothy Avery Photography _ Login or Register


2) Once you have successfully logged in you may proceed to the gallery link provided by your photographer. 

Once in the gallery you have two different methods to purchase prints or additional Digital Downloads. 

Option 1:  Purchase an individual image

Hover over a favorite image and you should see a gray “Buy” bar appear at the bottom of that image. Click on that “Buy” bar to see purchase options. (See red circle below). 

2023-07-07 21_17_18-Timothy Avery Photography _ MAD 052023-07-07 21_17_18-Timothy Avery Photography _ MAD 05


Option 2:  Purchase multiple images from same gallery

Alternatively, if you know you will want to purchase several images in the same gallery you might choose to "Select Photos” first and then click on the “Buy” button. In that case click on “Select Photos” then click on each photo adding a check mark to the circle in the lower left corner of each image. After you have selected all the images you desire, then click on the “Buy” button. (See blue circles below.) 


2023-07-07 21_15_47-Timothy Avery Photography _ MAD 052023-07-07 21_15_47-Timothy Avery Photography _ MAD 05

3)  Selecting medium and size for your image(s)

After clicking on the “Buy” button you should find yourself being presented with a wide variety of products, media sizes, and options to purchase with the images you have selected.

Among other options there are Digital Downloads in quantities of 10, 5 or 1 individual image. (Click blue circle below to change from 10 to 5 or 1) Digital Downloads of proofs will be retouched before the order is fulfilled. Digital Downloads includes permission to share on social media, but it does not include copyright permission to have them printed elsewhere. 


2023-07-07 21_14_52-Timothy Avery Photography _ Shop2023-07-07 21_14_52-Timothy Avery Photography _ Shop

Make your choice(s) and "Add to Cart."

After you have done that you can choose to go "Back to Gallery" for additional selections or "View Cart" to proceed to check out.

Please note that orders will be approved before charges are made to your credit card.  This allows your photographer to intervene and replace proofs with edited versions of the same image (if needed) before the transaction is completed.